108. The “I AM”

(Port. C-64)

1. Christ th’everlasting life and

The triune God in glory,

Became a man to give us His life.

The living Word is Jesus,

The temple, Emmanuel,

Creator God, the Passover lamb.

And through Your death, You loved us so,

Oh how the blood and water flowed

And brought forth Your life!

A fountain of water that flows,

The bread of life, supplying us,

Your people with life.

2. The Spirit that supplies us,

You bring us light of life, the

Good shepherd and the life within us!

The Spirit of real’ty

The true and only vine-tree

King of our life, our pers’nal “I AM!”

The God who is resurrection,

The grain of wheat that came to die

To unlock His life!

“You are the Christ, the Son of God,”

Our beloved redeemer,

Our pers’nal “I AM!”