110. In the Morning, Lord

(Port. C-33)

1. In the morning Lord,

You will hear my voice;

Light of dawn will tell me, “Take it to You in prayer

And faithfully wait for Thee.”

2. Thank you Lord for: The day that You’ve risen for me,

And the blessings which I know

Have been prepared for me, Lord,

(Been prepared for me, Lord.)

For all Your countless mercies,

Today, I find supplying,

For Your grace and compassion,

To mingle within me, remaining all the day long.

3. Even when I sleep,

You always stay with me.

Oh how caref’ly is my soul kept within Your hands

When’er I drift into dreams.

4. In peace do I lay down, awaiting slumber to take

Over me, for only You

Make me rest peacefully,

(Make me rest peacefully.)