111. I Will Not Fear

(Port. C-56)

1. See, our plans are enslaving,

Are binding, insulating our hearts from God

But, see day which reveals and

The night, which conceals our deceptive intents.

2. Though appearances hold up,

This frail strength will never go further than this.

No amount of persistence

Or effort on our part gets us even close.

There is no fear dwelling in me,

For all my strength is and comes from the Lord;

There is no fear dwelling in me

Perfect love casts out fear in all its forms.

3. These are the days which are

Filled with the signs that are impossible to deny.

Oh how close His return is;

Redeem the time, press on to gain the good land.

4. There are giants before us;

Regardless, we take possession of this land;

Holy land which the Lord

Has bestowed upon us for a testimony!