112. Remove My Covering, Lord

(Eng. 426, Span. 180, Port. 196, Chin. 324)

1. Remove my covering, Lord,

That I may see Thy light,

And be deceived no more,

But all things see aright.

Oh, may Thy living light, Lord,

Scatter all my night, Lord,

And everything make bright, Lord,

For this I pray to Thee.

2. I hardly know myself;

Deceived so much by pride,

I often think I’m right

And am self-satisfied.

3. I know Thee even less;

In doctrine, shallowly;

True revelation lack

Of Thy reality.

4. As for Thy life within,

In darkness I mistake—

If spirit or the flesh,

One for the other take.

5. As for Thy way, O Lord,

I often am not clear;

I toward seclusion tend

And from the pathway veer.

6. As for Thy will for me,

I do not know it well;

I substitute my own

And often would rebel.

7. As for the church, I need

Thy revelation more,

The Body-life to know,

Thy wisdom to explore.

8. I long to be unveiled,

In everything made clear,

No more to be deceived

Or to my pride adhere.