113. Mary Poured out Her Love Offering

1. Mary poured out her love offering

To many such love was a waste.

Throughout all of the centuries

Such lovers Your sweetness do taste.

Precious lives and heart treasures, too

Positions and golden futures,

Have been “wasted” on You, Lord;

Your sweetness a fragrance so sure.

She took opportunity

To love You; Lord, with her best.

Like her, Lord, I too would pour

My love and all that I have.

2. As I love You I set my being—

My spirit, my soul and body.

With my heart, my mind, and my strength,

Absolutely on Thee.

Lord, I let my entire being

Be occupied by Thee

As I enter in Your heart

I sense a fellowship sweet.

Occupied and lost in You;

My Lord, You’re my everything.

Fellowship so intimate;

In spirit Lord I enjoy Thee.

3. Lord there’s none in heav’n nor on earth

That I desire but Thee.

Though my heart and flesh faileth, Lord,

Thou ever my portion will be.

All is vanity, all is dung;

I count all other things loss;

Everything else drains my love

But You have captured my heart.

Lord, I’ve seen Thy preciousness,

Thy worth, Thy reality.

Now, my Lord, I must confess

My heart is only for Thee.