115. It is Not a Message that I’ve Heard

1. It is not a message that I’ve heard,

Not some points that I’ve learned,

Not a song or verse I know by heart,

That can meet your need, or wash your feet,

Touch your heart, or fill the void,

But it’s Christ, just the Christ,

That I’ve enjoyed.

2. It is nothing that is of myself,

(Just the Christ in you and me,)

Nothing of my natural life,

(The Christ who’s all to be,)

Not the best fruit from the knowledge tree,

(Only Christ we’d know,)

That can touch your life or turn your heart,

(Christ can touch your life,)

Refresh you in your deepest part,

But it’s Christ, just the Christ,

(Just this Christ,)

Lived out through me.

(Just the Christ in me.)