117. The Last Commission

1. God has a desire so

Deep in His loving heart:

Bring salvation to humanity,

Making man like He is,

Expressing God as life,

God and man, such perfect unity.

2. Coming from His heart there’s

A shout of love so strong,

“Come back to your Lord, O man of clay!”

We will rule the nations

And govern with the Lord;

God and man forevermore to reign.

We have been enlisted for this war,

To cooperate here with the Lord;

From our concepts, oldness, tradition we are free,

We are one; one vision do we see.

Stirring up our spirit, we’ll let go

Of our lives, the altar thus to know,

For the propagation of life to every man

And the consummation of God’s plan.

3. This the last commission

And ministry of God,

We have been receiving in these days.

Angels were not able

Such honour to receive;

God will give it to man on that day.

4. Firmly we’ll go forward

Discarding our soul-life,

Holding fast with vigilance and prayer.

Always going on with

A heart that’s pure and strong,

ln this fellowship much fruit to bear.