19. Inside of Us There Dwells a Hope

1. Inside of us there dwells a hope

Preserved by Christ Jesus our Lord

It bore and produced and reached out to us

Through the grace in the Son of our God

And from the kingdom of darkness He freed us

Brought us into the kingdom of love

And in the Son we have forgiveness of sins

Now with God we have been reconciled

2. The church is the Body of Christ

With Christ Jesus our Lord as the Head

We have made peace with Him, through the blood of His cross

The inheritance of saints in the light

He is the image of the invisible God

He’s the firstborn of all creation

It was in Him that all things came to be

And now He’s the pre-eminent One

3. So now we can touch Him today,

And He wants to put life into us

Now our spirit He fills and our soul He will gain

And our body He wil also transform

And as the Spirit He can mingle with us

He desires to be one with man

Eternal life He gives us even today,

And forever we’ll reign with Him.