31. Life is God the Father in Christ Jesus

(Eng. 1193, Span.223, Port. C-151)

1. Life is God the Father in Christ Jesus

As the Spirit flowing into us.

How enjoyable, this Person wonderful!

He’s our life so rich and bountiful.

2. We experienced regeneration

When we opened to this living One.

We were born again; another life came in.

Now it floods us till we’re full of Him.

3. He within us is the living Spirit

In our spirit, flowing out of it

Into all our heart, transforming every part

By the life which He Himself imparts.

4. Now He must have our cooperation.

We must set our mind upon the Son.

We must turn away from all that leads astray,

Till our mind is set on Him each day.

5. Lord, our human spirit now contains

You, Still Your purpose in us You would do;

If our wandering mind would leave old thoughts behind,

Then Your life and peace in it we’ll find.

6. Lord, we would our every thought be captured

By the rich enjoyment in Your Word.

In it we’re supplied, our mind there will abide,

Till our thinking is so sanctified.

7. Let’s keep practicing the application

Of this Life by minding just the Son.

Praise Him for the way to live by Him today!

Lord, on You our minds will ever stay.