48. Until He Comes Again

1. Until He comes again,

I’ll watch and wait and call on Him

I’ll pray that by His life and power,

I’ll overcome in ever hour.

2. Until He comes again,

His blood will cleanse me of my sin

His word will sanctify within,

And make me wholly unto Him.

B: He died to be life to me–

From death I’m free.

S: He rose and as Spirit He

Now lives in me.

B: In splendor and in glory

Like Him I’ll be.

3. Until He comes again,

My soul-life I’ll give up for Him.

No worldly pleasure can compare

To what my Savior has to share.

4. And when He comes again,

All saints built up and one in Him.

His Body, Bride, and Counterpart,

Eternal pleasure of His heart.

S: Lord, gain Your kingdom in me,

I long to be...

B: One with my Savior and King,


S: Oh, what a joy it will be

Your face to see.

(Repeat verse one)