Scripture Reading:
1 Tim. 1:19

“...our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ.”(1 Tim. 1:19)
difficulties in having fellowship with god

Some young people (but not only young people) say that they have some difficulties related to having fellowship with God. Many want to have a life of fellowship with God but it seems they do not know what to fellowship about. Sometimes we hear, "You know, I seek God and want to have fellowship with Him, but after a few words, I don't know what else to say." This kind of problem is very common and to resolve it we must firstly know what it means to have fellowship with God. To have fellowship with God it to have a dialogue with Him. We say something to the Lord and then we listen to what He has to say to us. You may ask, "How can God speak to me?" God speaks to us through His word, either the written word, the word ministered in the meetings, or through individual fellowship. If we read the Bible with prayer, even though we only read a few verses, we need to see that what is written there is what God wants to speak to us at that moment. Then what we are reading will be the subject matter for us to speak to God. If we take care to read the Bible with prayer, this will produce much fellowship with God. Have you ever felt how uncomfortable it is to be next to a person you do not know well? Both of you remain silent and then suddenly someone says something and the other responds. Neither of you has anything to say, you just express yourselves with a few words. "I agree…yes Sir…".

We cannot say that we do not have anything to talk about with God. God wants to talk to you, but you, do you want to listen to Him? If you do not know how to start to fellowship with God, open your Bible and read. To read the Bible is like reading a letter God has sent to you. When you read the Bible you will find many interesting subjects with which to have fellowship with God. Without reading the Bible and without listening attentively to what is spoken in the church meetings, it is difficult to have a topic with which to speak to God. God spoke, but you did not listen; God wrote, but you did not read. So we fall into a situation similar to that of the children of Israel at the time of the prophet Jeremiah. They did not listen to the Lord, rather they became insensitive and they departed from Him. As a result, they were carried away as captives to Babylon.

The Importance of Dealing with Sins

Of all the difficulties that exist in dealing with sins, the worst is when a young Christian does not have fellowship with God. Without fellowship with God, our conscience becomes numb. If we have no feeling regarding what God is saying to us, we cannot deal with our sins. If we do not bring our situation before God, eventually we also will be taken away as "captives," far away from God. If we do not have fellowship with God, our conscience will be like a boat filled with holes and we will gradually become shipwrecked regarding the faith (1 Tim. 1:19): the spiritual things will leak away; our spiritual life and service will become abnormal; we will be filled with accusations; we will not have a strong spirit; we will not be able to be with the other saints; we will be held back. If something does not happen to change the situation, we will certainly become shipwrecked.

So I ask you, "Do you want to fill up the holes and repair the boat?" For this, you need to recover your daily fellowship with God. Draw near to God and allow Him to enlighten you. Do not rely on your own standards to justify yourself, or seek the standards of the world for your support. Seek God's standard. In this way, in fellowship with God and under His enlightening, if a sin is exposed and you deal with it immediately, the result will be life and peace. You will have spiritual satisfaction, strength, freshness and service in your life. You will experience enjoyment, rest and security. Your spirit will be strong, your prayers will flow freely and with authority, and your speaking will be bold and powerful.

Key Point:
God’s speaking
How can we practically enter into real fellowship with God?