Scripture Reading:
1 John 1:8-9

“If therefore anyone cleanses himself from these, he will be a vessel unto honor, sanctified, useful to the master, prepared unto every good work.”(2 Timothy 2:21)
dealing with the world

God wants to make us useful vessels in His hands. However, there are certain things that hinder this from being accomplished in us. Many of these things are not easily detected. Thus, many young people do not understand why they are not going on spiritually. Have you ever asked yourself why you often feel that you have no strength to serve God? If you want to serve Him and know that He wants to use you, why is there a problem?

In the previous chapter we saw that sins are one of the barriers that hinder God's work in us. Sins can be compared to stains of black ink on white clothes. Many times we do not realize that we are filled with the stains of our sins because we are in darkness. In order to see our sins, we need God's light. Therefore, fellowship with God is essential in order for us to identify our sins. When we seek to have intimate fellowship with God, spontaneously every hindrance between us and Him will be exposed. Through fellowship we are enabled to see all of our "filthiness" and be cleansed from it. Once the "spots" are identified, the best way to get them out is to confess our sins. When we confess our sins, we give God a way to continue His work in us.

Knowing the World

In order for us to be fully useful to the Lord as vessels unto honor, there are other things from which we must be purified. A big obstacle that hinders many young people from consecrating themselves is their attraction to the world. What is the world? Why is the world so attractive to the young people? How can we deal with the world in our life? Sometimes we cannot clearly differentiate between the world and sins although we see that there are different implications when we deal with these two problems.

Difference between Sin and the World

Both sin and the world defile man, but there is a difference between them. The defilement of sin is gross, but that of the world is more refined. The defilement of sin is like a stain of black ink on a white shirt. The defilement of the world is like a beautiful, colored design on the same shirt. Anyone would condemn the stained shirt but would appreciate the brightly colored shirt. However, God wants a pure, white shirt with no stains, filth or colors other than white. Regarding sin, it damages and defiles man; regarding the world, it not only defiles man but also takes possession of him.

Key Point:
What differences are there between the defilements of sin and the world?