Scripture Reading:
1 John 2:15-17

“Do not love the world nor the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, love for the Father is not in him”(1 John 2:15)
anything can be the world (1)

A. Drinking and Professional Careers

There are young people that do not want to know anything. They don't want to study or work. They prefer to be in a bar talking and drinking. There is a young man like this in the building where I live. When he gets up in the morning he goes directly to the bar and has a beer for breakfast and has another one at lunchtime. When we meet him in the elevator he smells like beer. Because he is so involved with drinking, he was led into living an immoral life. Drinking is his world. He has been occupied, usurped and consumed by drinking.

Unlike this young man, whose neighbors warned their daughters to stay away from him, there is another young man in our building that any parent would want their daughter to marry. He is a diligent student who finished high school when he was sixteen and university when he was twenty-one. He did his master's degree when he was twenty-four and now, at twenty-five, he is doing his PhD. He surely has a promising future. When he finishes his doctorate he will have many offers for work with excellent salaries. Compared to the young man that we described earlier, this young person is much better. However, he also is being occupied, usurped and consumed by another department of the world: a brilliant professional career.

Unfortunately, this last story describes the experience of many Christian young people. After they receive the Lord Jesus, they seek Him with all their heart, meet with other young people to study the Bible and boldly speak about Jesus. However, later they get into the "good stream" of a profession, of struggling for their living, and eventually are also usurped and become separated from the things of God.

How many Christians today are being usurped by their jobs simply because they have received a bigger chair or desk with an acrylic plaque which has "Manager" or "Director" on it? As far as God is concerned, they have been usurped because of the plaque and even separated from their families. Some people have "sold their own soul" because of a position, which oftentimes represents an increase of a mere ten percent of their former salary. They go to work at six in the morning and leave at eleven at night. They work on Saturday, Sunday and also during holidays, just because they are the "boss." They no longer care for their families and as far as the church is concerned, they don't even remember that they are Christians. Now they are "married" to their job. Their world is their position in their company.

I say this because I have seen many young people in the past that have testified that they lived completely for the Lord and for His church, but they were deceived by Satan and today are very far from God. The one who systematized the world is very subtle. Knowing that he could not defile all the young people with sins, what did he do? He used good things that were inoffensive and attractive to ensnare them. He used studies and brilliant professional careers to occupy the young people in such a way that when they come to the meetings, their thoughts are far away, busy thinking about business, investments or their studies. God continues to speak, but they cannot hear Him because other "gods" are speaking more loudly to them in their hearts.

Key Point:
How can we take care of our human living without being ensnared by the world?