Scripture Reading:
Rom. 8:9, 16

“The Spirit Himself witnesses with our spirit that we are children of God.”(Romans 8:16)
applying the spirit

Even though you have this "ointment," which is the Spirit, we must ask, do you know how to apply Him? Have you applied the Spirit? When we see young Christians who are static, inert, with no reaction to God's word, testimonies or hymns, we ask ourselves, "If this young person has the Spirit of God, why doesn't he apply Him? When we speak about applying the Spirit, we can see that there is a spiritual battle going on. You can go to a meeting of the church, listen to the words that are being shared, yet not touch the Spirit in the word of God. Why does this happen? It is because you do not know how to use your spirit. You need to realize that God's Spirit is in you, in your spirit (Rom. 8:9, 16). All that God is, has, has done and can do is within you, but you need to exercise your spirit to touch the Spirit that is in the word.

What generally happens when you come to a meeting is that you sit in the same seat as usual and begin to use your mind, "This hymn is no good…I don't want to pray…that brother doesn't know how to pray…I've already heard this message…" If you are like this, it is no wonder that you go out the same way you came in: spiritually dry and lifeless.

If we do not use our spirit when we seek God, it will seem that God is very far away from us. If we do not apply the Spirit He has given us, we will be His debtors. It was not easy for God to enter into humanity. It was not easy for the unlimited, infinite God to live thirty three years of sufferings and restrictions. It was not easy to die on the cross. Nevertheless, He passed through all of this and resurrected, ascended to the heavens and was glorified, so that He could live in us. Now, He, as the Spirit of the reality of all He has passed through, is in our spirit. If we do not use the Spirit or apply Him, we will be like a son whose father went on a trip and left him enough money to buy everything he needed, but he didn't use what he was given. When the father returned, the son was miserable, dirty and unkempt. How grieved and concerned the father was! We grieve the Lord in the same way every time we do not apply the Spirit, the inexhaustible inheritance He has left for us.

We should apply the Spirit to the matter of loving the world, which is a problem for the majority of young Christians. Actually, the main problem a young Christian has is not using his spirit. The Spirit of God is in his spirit and in the Spirit of God is the power to overcome the world. If, instead of trying to not love the world, you seek to be filled with the Spirit, the world will spontaneously lose its attraction. The reality of the cross, which kills our love for the things of the world, is in the Spirit. You do not need to go back two thousand years or go to Palestine in order to experience the cross of Christ; you only need to turn to your spirit and say to the Lord, "Lord Jesus, the world has been so attractive to me, but I turn to You as the Spirit! Lord, saturate me with Yourself!"

Another thing that is common among the young people is the lack of motivation. Especially on Mondays, many young people are "low." When you talk to them they say, "Oh, I'm not good today, I'm discouraged." Have you been in this situation? How can you get out of it? You don't want to be there, but you don't have the strength to get out of your depressed state. In that kind of situation, it is time to exercise your spirit because the Spirit who gives life, who raised Jesus from the dead, is in your spirit. You can turn to your spirit and say, "Lord Jesus! Hallelujah for Your resurrection! Lord, through Your resurrection You overcame death. By Your Spirit in my spirit I can come out of the realm of death. There is power in Your Spirit for me to be freed from all discouragement. Lord Jesus! Come and fill me with Your Spirit now!"

How many times have you felt accused by Satan? Remember: one of the ingredients of the holy anointing oil was cassia, a spice that was used to repel serpents. This is also in the Spirit that lives in you. Just as light repels darkness, the Spirit repels Satan's accusations. You can tell Satan, "Satan, get out of here. There is no place in me for you or your accusations. I only need to turn to my spirit and touch the Spirit of God. The Spirit of reality is in my spirit. So, Satan, get out of here and take all your accusations with you."

You may also find yourself in a situation that has no exit: you look on all sides and at all the people and don't find any way to get out of your difficulty. Seemingly, in your eyes, there is no solution to the problem you are facing. At that moment, you need to exercise your spirit to touch the element of the Lord's ascension that is in you. Pray to the Lord, "Lord Jesus, there were so many situations on this earth that tried to trap You, but you were above all of them. Lord, I don't see any solution to the situation I am going through, but I want to experience Your ascension right now. I don't care if I still have problems, I just want to be on top of them. Lord Jesus, fill me with Your Spirit once again. I want to be in the place You have put me, I want to be in the heavenlies.

Key Point:
Apply the Spirit
How can you apply one of the elements of the Spirit to a difficulty that you are facing?