Scripture Reading:
Lev. 25:25

“But all things are out from God, who has reconciled us to Himself through Christ and has given to us the ministry of reconciliation;”(2 Corinthians 5:18)
the right of redemption

In Hanamel's message to Jeremiah there were some indications of God's will that the prophet should buy the field. It was told to him, "You have the right of possession, and the right of redemption is yours." The right of redemption is mentioned in Leviticus 25:25. It was applied when someone became poor through some problem or through laziness in working the land, which forced him to sell his house, then his belongings, and eventually, his land. It was the responsibility of the closest relative to redeem the property that had been sold, in order to restore it to the one who had become impoverished. What does this mean to us?

This word serves as a warning to us. If we live in the church life in a loose way, not having fellowship with the Lord, not reading the Bible, missing meetings just because we don't feel like going, the result will be that we will become poor spiritually. Over time, we will "sell" what we have gained because we have no way to preserve it. After you sell your right to enjoy Christ and are poor spiritually, God will rescue you by using a brother who is close to you who is rich in the enjoyment of Christ. The fellowship you have with this brother and his prayers for you, will help you to return to your enjoyment of the Lord. This brother is a redeemer.

On the other hand, we can also apply this situation to all men. All men were created in the image and likeness of God. They were created with the most noble right: to receive God in their spirit as their life and content. All were created to fulfill the will of God. Because of Adam's sin, all men were sold to sin, the world, uncleanness and rebellion. Since then men have become worse and worse. Look at the news casts, newspapers, your fellow students and colleagues. Are they rich inwardly? Although they have many belongings, is the life they are living satisfying to them? The more they are separated from God, the poorer they are. Who will be used to redeem the right they have to enjoy God? If we apply the principle that was established in Leviticus, the one who redeems the impoverished brother is the one closest to him, the one who has the experience of God. In other words, people who are in contact with us daily and who still have not received the Lord Jesus, need us to speak to them about Him and show them God's plan, so that they might be redeemed.

We may also apply these words from Leviticus to all the children of God who have become spiritually impoverished. It is our duty to rescue them. We should not criticize or condemn them or be indifferent to their situation of spiritual poverty. God has given us the word of reconciliation, not of condemnation (2 Cor. 5:18). If you are enjoying Christ and are enjoying the riches in His word, you are able to help someone who has become poor and is separated from God.

Look at those around you, at school, in your neighborhood, your friends. How many are spiritually poor? Remember that if they are not saved they will be vessels of wrath. Remember that if the children of God who have become poor are not redeemed, they will suffer discipline during the millennium. So get ready to be a redeemer. In case you don't feel capable, let the Potter mold you on the wheel. Surely you will become a vessel of honor.

Key Point:
How should we respond when we see others who are in spiritual poverty?